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The king constructed the outer prak&ra walls to tlie
temple (Jagannatha). When he went subsequently to Vaiiga
to bathe in the Ganges, he granted an agrahara to the Bengali
Brahinans and named it Ttilasipura. He was at his capital for
one year after his return from the holy bath in the Gauges.
Then he invaded the western countries in the 9th year,
and conquered them. In the 10th year, he attacked Kimidi,
and subdued it.
In the llth year, there was a great famine in the
country. One bharanam of grain was sold at 105 kanala-gavvalu
(Skt. Karaapana). Many people died of hunger. He erected a
fortress on the Mahendragiri, and resided there.* [He made
Kapilesvarapnra an agraliara (i. e. a gift to Brahmans). He won.
victories over the kings of Ali, Kanaka, Kerada, Kunjugu (?) and
captured a fortress called Mallika in the country of Kundajarl.
Again the famine recurred, when one bharanam cost 100
Mtiala-qavvalii, Many perished of hunger.]f In the 19th year
lie laid siege to Vidyanagara } he took forcible possession of the
kingdom from its ruler and made Amir the ruler of that king-
dom. % When he returned to his country, he granted to
Brahnians Damodarapura as an agrahara. Then, in the 23rd
year there was a storm and the whole country was under water.
Many persons died. In the same year, he defeated the king of
Kedrajhari (Skt. Kundajori) and took his queen Candravati
as a captive and appointed his own brother-in-law (syala)
Narasinga as the ruler of the country.
In the 25th year his authority spread as far as Setu
(Eamesvara) and he returned to Jagannatha. He had several
sons and could not decide on whom he should bestow his king-
dom. He invoked the aid of God who appeared to him in a
*The Sanskrt text reads—In tlie 14th year he conquered the country called
MahSndra* (*.*. RRjamattSndra.) and ruled over it.
t" The portion enclosed in the square brackets is not found in the Sanskrt chronicle.
J The Telngu Ms. does not mention the year in which the king nmd« the attack upon
Vidyanagara. The passage runs thu*; * Having subdued VidySnagara, he bestowed the
kingship on Amir* (i.e. Hamvira); but the Skt. chronicle do** not mention Amir,